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Our society produces, every year, million of tons of  waste. This problem, particularly in the industrialized countries, has increased during the last years owing to the widespread culture of “using and throwing”.

In Europe the situation is not less concerning. The production of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), has suffered a growth during the last years and actually each citizen produces around 1.44 kg of waste every day.

The European Environmental Agency and the local administrations of each Member State, has been developing during the last years laws directed to the reduction of the impact that these residues cause on the environment. Such laws have resulted to be insufficient and that therefore it is necessary to seek  other alternatives. 

Some of these laws enter our homes by the means of specific programs, such as the  already known “ Selective waste collection model”.
On February 13, 2007, the Eurochamber proposed new amendments to secure more specific objectives as far as the stabilization of the global production of residues. In particular, all the Member States will have to achieve, before 2012, that theamount of residues produced should be equal or inferior to the amount of 2008.

The new European Executive Committee has in mind not just the reduction of the amount of residues produced in the EU, but also the promotion of alternative uses of these residues. In its amendments, the Chamber aims towards the hierarchy of priorities regarding the communitarian policy in this subject.

These priorities are the following in  decreasing sequence:

1. Prevention and reduction of residues
2. Reusability of residues
3. Recycling of residues
4. Other recovery operations
5. Safe and thoughtful disposal of residues from the environment

In spite of the efforts towards the fulfillment of the Communitarian policy, at this moment, the majority of residues produced directly or indirectly, continues to be sent to final disposal centers commonly called landfill.

In order to counteract this situation, Ambiensys has been developing during the last years, a powerful research and development program aimed towards the achievement of a real and effective solution, that succeeds to drastically reduce the sending of Municipal Solid Waste to the landfill and in this way to take advantage to recover the contained materials in the  waste.
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