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The solution
GeiserBox® represents a new concept in the treatment of the Municipal Solid Waste, which offers important advantages in relationship to the methods employed presently.

The GeiserBox® system developed by the Ambiensys engineers, processes the Municipal Solid Waste and the reject produced by the plants based on traditional selection models, to convert them into clean materials with market valorization.

The great versatility of its design, allows it to process from 25.000 to 600,000 tons annually of residues, in a reduced space.

The GeiserBox® system has been conceived as a primary process of waste transformation. This means that the separation of the materials will take place during a second phase, using conventional separation equipments  increasing his efficacy up to 95% .

The GeiserBox®  also can be adapted previously to the  Mechanical-Biological plants, reducing in a 80% to 5% the reject of these facilities, while that will be also reduced the bad smells and the maintenance costs.

How does GeiserBox® Works?

The waste is introduced through a pneumatic continuous process inside each GeiserBox® module.

The residues are exposed during 30 minutes in a environment of water steam under high temperature and pressure. Finally the waste, already Hygienized are extracted to be sent to the separation process.

The main characteristics presented by the residues already Hygienized, are the following:

1. No bad smells emissions.
2. Waste volume is reduced up to 80%
3. Absence of  pathogenic agents.
4. Liquids absence
5. All the biodegradable fragments are mixed in one new only fraction with a fibrous aspect and optimal granulometry for its manipulation.
6. The cardboard, paper and Briks packages are disintegrated becoming  part of the plastic,  aluminum and Fiber Fractions .
7. Soft-drink packages, aerosols and preserves are obtained completely clean.
8. Depending to their composition, plastics are transformed in a  compacted new morphology increasing its density.
9. Glass is obtained clean, without labels, corks or adhesives.


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