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Laying the foundation stone of the "Delta Environment" waste treatment project with Geiserbox® Ambiensys technology.

Treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste (MSW): Algeria's first plant equipped with the Geiserbox® technology – located at Tazmalt

 On May 14 the former Minister of Planning and Environment, Ms. Dalila Boudjemaa with the Wali of Bejaia, Ahmed Touhami Hammou, and the mayor of Tazmalt Smail Mira, laid the foundation stone of the "Delta Environnement" project,  pilot plant in Allaghen, in the region of Tazmalt.

This will be the first factory for processing and recycling Municipal solid waste (MSW) in Algeria. The recycling unit will enable "the reduction and control of waste management",said Lyes Guesmia, CEO of the company Delta Environnement. The costs of implementing this unit are estimated at 20 million euros. According to the president of the APC Tazmalt, "this amount is borne entirely by the holding of the project", ie, Delta Environnement an Algerian-Spanish company specialized  in engineering and project management in the environment and energy field .

In the immediate start of the project 100 jobs will be created. "This figure will increase with the development of the unit," says Smail Mira. This plant will be treated approximately 10 tons of MSW per hour, or 240 tons per day. The waste will be treated with saturated steam at 170 ° of temperature.

In response to some questions that emerged between the inhabitants of Allaghen, project promoters wanted to convey security on the ecological, environmental or social aspect of their plant since "going to work with high technologies without causing any noise, no smell and no any smoke. " "A plant of the same nature is implanted in Spain without causing any concern to local residents," Mr. Mira.

The CPA Tazmalt, prime contractor for the project and citizens widely welcomed after validation of the project by the competent authorities.

El CPA Tazmalt, contratista principal del proyecto, así como los ciudadanos expresaron ampliamente su satisfacción después de la validación del proyecto por las autoridades competentes.

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